About the Project Team

The creation of this map was a collaborative effort put forth by the following divisions and individuals.

Executive Sponsor:

Jill Matus, Vice Provost Students

Project Owner:

Lucy Fromowitz, Assistant Vice President, Student Life
Siobhan Keogh, Director of NGSIS Program, Information + Technology Services

Project Manager:

Cheryl Ziegler, Communications Manager, Office of Student Life

Project Implementation Oversight

  • Steve Bailey, Director, Office of Space Management
  • Paul Ruppert, Director, Integrated Client Services, Information + Technology Services
  • Alex Nishri, Manager, Client Services, Information and Technology Services

Accessibility Consulting Team

  • Andrea Carter, Employment Equity Officer and AODA Advisor
  • Daniella Levy-Pinto, PhD Student, Political Science
  • Lake Porter, Adaptive Technologist, Accessibility Services

Development Team

  • Chad Holden, Web Architect, Integrated Client Services, Information + Technology Services
  • Deniz Ozturk, Developer, Office of Space Management
  • Mike Clark, Web Designer & Front-End Developer, Integrated Client Services, Information + Technology Services
  • Deepika Tayl, DBA/Developer Analyst, Office of Space Management
  • Burl Crone, Classroom Planning & Standards Officer, Office of Space Management
  • Chris Garbutt, Senior Communications Officer, Office of Student Life
  • Joel Koroniak, iPhone App Developer, Office of Student Life

Map Layer Partners

  • Anne McDonald, Director, Ancillary Services
  • Sarah Khan, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Food Services
  • Ted Miekus, Supervisor, Parking Office
  • JP Davidson, Project Coordinator, Communications & Development, Sustainability Office
  • Jude Tate, Sexual & Gender Diversity Officer, Sexual & Gender Diversity Office
  • Philip Murton, Network Application Developer, Information + Technology Services

Special Thanks

  • Brian Armstrong, Planner, Space Inventory, Campus & Facilities Planning
  • Emily Kellogg, Communications Intern, Office of Student Life
  • Deanne Fisher, former Director, Office of Student Life
  • Ted Sikorski, Manager, Systems Support, Information + Technology Services