About the U of T Map Project

This mobile-friendly, Google-based, layered map integrates and replaces the multiple versions of online campus maps that each featured different aspects and services at the University of Toronto's St. George campus. As the project evolves, the map will expand to include the Mississauga and Scarborough campuses.

The map helps members of the U of T community, particularly people who are new to the campus, navigate the campus using meaningful search words, such as "bookstore" and "registrar". This means you will no longer have to know the names of buildings in order to find things on campus.

The first map layers include accessibility, food, wireless, student services (including registrars), car parking, bike racks, TTC subway stations, green sites (including green roofs and battery drop-off sites), safety, study spaces and washrooms. It is a living map, one that will develop more layers as it grows.

The map was created through a partnership of Student Life, Office of Space Management and Information Technology Services.

We hope you like it. Please follow the map on Twitter @uoftmap.